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Basic requirements for operators of aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine
Eight basic requirements for equipment operators of aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine
(1) To understand the basic working principle of the entire equipment.
(2) To understand which parts may cause instability or problems.
(3) To understand what the normal state of the equipment is.
(4) To understand which parts of the equipment can not be adjusted and which can be adjusted.
(5) To understand what the sound of the device is working properly.
(6) It is necessary to know how the products produced by the equipment are qualified (upper and lower limits).
(7) Establish good values.
(8) To be able to repair a glitch.
Basic requirements for maintenance personnel of aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine
(1) Establish a correct maintenance awareness (service and management).
Service Awareness: When the production equipment fails, it is necessary to serve the equipment in a timely and effective manner. When the equipment has a problem, it is an order.
Management awareness: Check and urge users to use the equipment correctly and reasonably, make timely requests and suggestions, and be able to teach maintenance skills patiently.
(2) Fully master the working principle of existing equipment, and can solve common faults quickly and effectively.
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Graphic: Roller plate high speed aluminum plastic aluminum blister packaging machine