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Detailed analysis of the sealing device of the automatic cartoning machine
(1) Packing machine sealing device consists of 2 sets of tongue seal pendulum, pressure box, walking (paper) box chain, upper cover box, swing box, holding belt and rejecting device.
(2) The tongue seal pendulum block mechanism is a whole operation (continuous action) in which a right-angled stainless steel plate is moved at right angles by a transmission mechanism, and the side of the rear side of the carton is flattened.
(3) Key points of the tongue seal mechanism: time, height, distance, length of the back plate, carton position (center position), pressure box height, carton chain.
(4) Key points of the pressure box device of the cartoning machine: ensure that the carton moves smoothly inside the carton chain; ensure the integrated sealing effect, the center bead is basically at the center of the carton, and the height is based on the height of the carton, which cannot be too low Or too high; avoid pulling hard when pulling the box.

Automatic cartoning machine

(5) Carton chain.
     1 for holding the carton movement, all mechanical and electrical control reference points;
     2 Relevant parts: suction box action, lower box action and position, tongue seal, batch number, cover box cover, clamping belt, reject device;
     3 Structure Description: There are a total of four chains, each of which has an assembled blackboard. Each of the two chains is a group, and four of them form a distance equal to the size of the carton for fixing the carton. The carton does not move on the chain, moving the carton through the chain movement. The entire chain is driven by two drive gears and a driven gear. In addition, one set of each chain is fixed and one is adjustable to adjust the width of the carton.
(6) Swing box mechanism.
     1 Movement principle: The sealed stainless steel plate is used for concentric circular motion, so that the stainless steel insert box on the runner can realize the function of sealing the upper cover of the carton.
     2 swing box key points: carton position (center), synchronization (time and position), lid guide strip, bending plate (pressing carton cover), pallet height and distance (drag the bottom of the carton), Two sets of box plates (height and distance), pressure box tightness.

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