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Blister forming step of blister packaging machine
Blister forming step of blister packaging machine
The blister packaging machine is heated by heating, the upper and lower heating plates are closed, and the PVC plastic sheet is preheated between the upper and lower heating plates, and after preheating, under the action of traction, the blister forming mold is entered. The forming upper mold is fixed, and the forming lower mold rises to the upper limit under the action of the mechanical cam and presses the PVC plastic sheet. At this time, the gas valve is opened, and the compressed air forming the upper mold passes through the filtering pressure reducing valve to enter the molding lower mold cavity, and the PVC plastic is molded. Positive pressure forming.
1, feeding
After the PVC plastic sheet is formed into a SD-specific shape, the feeder feeds the packaged article into the blister.
2, heat seal
The filled PVC plastic sheet and aluminum foil enter the heat sealing mold, press the sealing table, and put on the production batch number or other mark.
3, indentation
After heat sealing, the PVC aluminum foil or aluminum foil composite enters the indentation die to press the tear line (no need to press the plate without the indentation die block)
4, punching
The manipulator will heat seal, and the indented composite is sent to the punching die. After the blanking, the finished product and the scrap are separated, and the finished product is automatically output. The above steps are performed synchronously by using one inverter motor plus an intermediate link.

Principle of forming mechanism of blister packaging machine
1. Composition of the forming mechanism of the blister packaging machine
     Disc spring, upper cover, forming plate (mold), blowing plate (mold), box (body), lower cover, tie rod, end cover, tension spring.
2, blister packaging machine molding principle
     The heat-softened PVC is blown out of the required blister by compressed air.
3, blister packaging machine molding conditions
     Forming and blowing plate completely closed + sufficient pressure air + synchronous accuracy + qualified mold.
4, blister packaging machine molding machine principle
     The servo motor drives the link cam to move up and down the forming mechanism. The reset is mainly by the tension spring.
5, blister packaging machine molding mechanism PLC logic circuit principle
     The servo motor controls the blowing time through the PLC output signal. (Proximity switch is responsible for input signal)