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Causes and solutions for poor bubble forming in blister packaging machine
Reasons for poor bubble forming in blister packaging machine:
1. The air flow in the place is too large.
2. The temperature in the heating zone is too low to become too high.
3, the cooling water flow is too large, taking away too much heat
4, air pressure is not appropriate
5, decompression filter plugging
6. The upper die vent is blocked
7, the upper and lower die planes do not match
8, PC plastic film quality is not good
9, European air time is not synchronized
10, the class pressure roller is too low, when the PC is walking, sticking to the blowing die, taking away too much heat

Poor bubble forming solution for blister packaging machine:
1. Reduce ventilation
2 properly adjust the molding temperature
3. Adjust the water park to control the water flow
4. Adjust the filter reduction valve pressure is generally 0.4-0.6 MP's
5. Clean or replace the filter
6. Use copper needle to clear
7. Re-scraping the upper and lower planes or sanding with monoliths
8. Change the plastic sheet
9 Adjust the position of the light block to make it feel good when the mold is just closed.
10. Take a high pressure roller to make the Pvc fly

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