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Cartoning machine servo error
Cartoning machine servo error failure check content:
(1) Check whether the movement mechanism is overloaded. By manually, each motion mechanism is moved back and forth, reset, and the running equipment cannot eliminate the alarm.
(2) Defining the specific servo motor, as shown in Figure 8.

(3) Find the service alarm code, the alarm code is 2400. Find 2400 alarm content according to the servo alarm manual. The alarm content is the lack of servo power, so we think it may be caused by the failure of servo motor, servo controller and servo control circuit.
1 Check the servo motor, measure the resistance between the two phases through the multimeter, the measured values are basically equal, and it is determined that there is no problem with the servo motor;
2 Check the servo controller, and confirm that the servo controller has no problem by observing the signal light and eliminating the alarm by the reset button;
3 Check the servo control circuit, check whether the contact has power signal through the multimeter, and find that the 1K10 contactor contact NC21-22 has no output power. It is determined that the 1K10 contactor has failed.

Cartoning machine servo error troubleshooting method:
Replace the new contactor to reset the operation and the device is normal.