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Safety precautions for handling blister packaging machine
Eleven specifications for safe operation of blister packaging machine :
1. During the operation of the blister packaging machine, fill in the batch record and the equipment operation record in time.
2, pay attention to molding, hot seal at the high temperature part, be careful of burns;
3. It is strictly forbidden to use foreign objects or hand to extend into the moving parts to avoid accidents;
4. Regularly check the wiring harness connection to avoid friction with other moving parts, damage the wires and cause short circuit and leakage;
5, forming, heat sealing, indentation and other components, the pressure should not be too large, so as not to affect the life of the packaging machine;
6. When the blister packaging machine is just opened, the preheating temperature of each heating component can be appropriately increased. After the operation is stable, the preset temperature assurance function can be appropriately lowered to protect the heating element;
As shown in Figure 7, keep the blister packaging machine neat and tidy, do not use hard objects to scratch, knock the stainless steel surface;
8, must not be placed inside the movement channel;
9, protect the mold, cut the knife, heat seal the mesh board.
10, in the packaging process of the blister packaging machine, when the operation is abnormal, it should be stopped in time, and the operation can be resumed after the fault is eliminated;
11. After the work is finished, press the emergency stop switch to close the valve for compressed air and cooling water.