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Ergonomic design of blister cartoning machine production line
      Ergonomics is a comprehensive applied science. Its research object is related to human body in work design. It aims to solve the problem that engineering design, including machine system and environmental system, adapts to human physiological and psychological requirements, thus creating the whole person. The machine system optimizes the efficiency of work, making people work efficiently, safely, healthily and comfortably. Usually, the components that the machine directly operates or uses by people mainly include various displays, manipulators, implements, workspaces, and the like.

     The blister packing machine & cartoning machine adopts a balcony design as a whole, so that all the moving parts are convenient for personnel to observe; the equipment is designed from left to right for human body operation; according to the comfort level of most people, the height of the operating table from the ground is 900. Mm; human-machine interface (HMI) can be rotated, the swing arm can be rotated by 180°, the touch screen can be rotated by 270°, and the operation is more flexible; the mold adopts lightweight and high-strength materials, and the mold is replaced with a mechanical scale, which can be digitally displayed, convenient and precise. Replace the mold.