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Optimized design of production line for blister packaging machine & cartoning machine
Optimized design combines mathematical programming with computer technology. By reasonably determining parameter relationships and establishing computational models, it is possible to automatically and quickly obtain the best design solution with quality, cost, performance and carrying capacity as optimization goals. Optimizing design has become an effective tool for solving complex design problems. The optimization design represents the design variable as a function of the product performance index, structural index or motion parameter (called the objective function), and then seeks to maximize the objective function within the scope of the product specification, geometric motion and other constraints (called the constraint function). Or a minimal combination of design variables.

According to the structural design and motion law of the planetary wheel-type box-taking mechanism (Fig. 5), a mathematical model was established by abstracting and simplifying it. The center point of the vacuum chuck in the box mechanism was taken as the research object, and a cycle center point was analyzed. The law of motion, the equation of motion trajectory of the central point is established. By solving the equation, the key parameters affecting the motion trajectory of the central point are obtained. Finally, the trajectory area is taken as the objective function, and the optimization calculation is performed by Matlab software. The optimal combination of key parameters.

Planetary wheel type box taking mechanism of cartoning machine