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Computer Aided Design and Dynamic Simulation Design of Cartoning Machine
The Computer Aided Design (CAD) of the cartoning machine is a kind of design information processing which is characterized by fast, accurate, large storage capacity and strong logic judgment function, and completes the design work through human-computer interaction. Design method. Using the computer to dynamically simulate the running state of the mechanism and structure under various working conditions and the process of changing with time, the parameters and results of the simulation output are obtained to estimate and infer various data of actual operation. Use SolidWorks or other 3D software to perform 3D modeling of each component and perform simulation assembly to pre-confirm whether part of the design is reasonable and whether the components interfere with each other.

The motion simulation of the whole box-taking mechanism was carried out by using the Motion plug-in, and the optimal triangle-intra-cycloid motion trajectory was obtained. Through the analysis of speed and acceleration, the stability of the whole mechanism is determined, and the influence of different parameters on the reliability of the box-taking mechanism is determined, and the feasibility of the parameters is verified.