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Eight factors to pay attention to when choosing a cartoning machine
Hualian Cartoning Machine - a trusted brand (founded in 1986)

1. Stability of automatic high-speed cartoning machine:

Only a well-designed, well-constructed and durable equipment can better resist external forces and vibrations and adapt to different production environments. When purchasing a high-speed cartoner, make sure that the cartoner is using high-quality components. You can consult the type of parts used and the name of the manufacturer.

2, customized services:
Users can choose a manufacturer that can provide customized automatic cartoning machine according to their actual situation. The advantage is that they can meet the real needs of users after making minor changes to the design.

3, the popularity of the cartoning machine manufacturers:
Users should consider the degree of credibility and reputation of the manufacturer in the cartoning machine industry. It is necessary to ensure that after the device is used, the manufacturer can provide timely support and assistance during the future maintenance period.

4, the sensitivity of the cartoning machine:
The market is constantly changing and the demand for packaging in the future may change. Therefore, when selecting a cartoning machine, the sensitivity of the cartoning machine cannot be ignored.
The industry recommends that if the user estimates that the size of the carton or product will change in the future, then it is necessary to ensure that the purchased equipment can be modified, or whether it can handle different sizes of cartons. In addition, the user has to know whether the speed of the carton machine to be purchased can meet the current production and future speed requirements.

5. Area occupied by equipment:
When choosing a cartoner manufacturer, let's see if he can provide a variety of cartoning machines to find the right type of packaging consumer line. For example, if the user buys a front-end product disposal device that occupies a relatively large area, the user can select a cartoning machine that takes up a relatively small space.

6, the cartoning machine is usually located in the middle of the consumer line:
It should be ensured that the selected cartoning machine can be connected to upstream and downstream equipment. Since a consumer line also includes a variety of other machines, such as upstream bagging machines and wrappers, users need to ensure that the manufacturer's specific integrated consumer line.

7, delivery time:
After determining the plan given by the manufacturer, the user also needs to ensure all the consumption steps, including the process of design, procurement, assembly, testing, wiring and programming, supervising the completion and delivery time of the project, and ensuring that the time for putting it into production is sufficient.

8: Technical support:
After the installation of the cartoning machine, the manufacturer should continue to provide technical support and after-sales service. Users can choose a supplier that can provide 24-hour service. If the supplier is in a different area, make sure that the location is within the service area of the other party.