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Stability analysis of high-speed cartoning machine: drugs
Injection products (including vials, ampoules, oral liquid bottles, etc.), because of the large deviation of the package size, the high-speed packaging equipment is challenging, directly affecting the stability of equipment operation.

To solve this problem, you need to optimize the device design structure or carry out non-standard development.
The high-speed cartoning machine carries out error control and design and manufacturing precision control in the design stage for the feeding system, conveying system and cartoning system of the medicine, which not only can solve the equipment failure caused by the error of the packaging material, but also improve the running stability of the equipment. .
Through the design of the following key structures, it can meet the needs of most packaging materials at home and abroad, and reduce the equipment failure rate caused by the deviation of packaging materials and improve the operational stability of the equipment.

1 feeding system
The high-speed cartoning machine feeding system consists of a feeding synchronous turntable, a feeding conveyor belt line, a feeding star wheel, and a feeding screw.
In the system, it can complete the functions of upstream product cache turnover, delivery counting, dynamic monitoring, transshipment, splitting, synchronous positioning and cutting.
Through the combination of conveyor belt and screw feeding and splitting, screw and star wheel feeding and unloading, the automatic matching and seamless docking of speed, position and angle are gradually completed.
The feeding system can be adjusted synchronously according to the requirements of different bottle types and dimensional tolerances. It has strong adaptability and can gradually eliminate equipment failure caused by product bottle type error.

 2 conveyor system
The high-speed cartoning system consists of a high-precision timing belt and a servo-driven motor sub-power system.
The biggest feature of the cartoning machine is the application of high-end servo and high-precision timing belt, in which the timing belt is applied to the key mechanism of the whole machine.
The synchronous belt is jointly developed with the world's leading suppliers, featuring flexible transmission, high repeatability, stable operation and low noise.
The traditional chain conveying mechanism is prone to polygon effect during operation, especially in high-speed operation, resulting in defects such as low positioning accuracy, large dynamic load, high noise, and poor stability. The timing belt solves these defects well.
The conveying system is suitable for different specifications of products, and can also realize real-time monitoring of product status, product status triggering, flexible high-speed cutting of product feeding, etc., which increases product transmission stability and phase position controllability, ensuring high-speed and stable conveying. .

3 high-speed cartoning system consists of 18 sets of continuous putters
Each set of push rods includes a linear guide, a continuous presser, and a guide positioning roller.
The system enables rapid orbital loading in a flat cam curve. The key components are made of engineering plastics, which can reduce the power shock caused by the curve track switching and high-speed operation, reduce the vibration caused by the dynamic load, improve the running precision, and ensure the stability of the overall equipment operation. At the same time, in the key parts such as the pole change, power transmission and cutting, the safety overload protection is added, which greatly enhances the equipment operation safety and product production safety.
Product conveying, carton conveying, manual conveying, and loading and unloading system are the same power source input, synchronous operation, seamless docking. It can meet the requirements of flexible conveying, high-speed transmission and repeated positioning, improve the position accuracy, synchronization and stability of the continuous boxing of the cartoning machine, and ensure the success rate of product packaging.