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Carton quality control for high speed cartoning machine
The quality of the carton also directly affects the stability of the high-speed cartoning machine.
The factors that affect the quality of the carton include: the number of carton grams, the design of the carton structure, the process parameters, and the direction of the carton.

The high-speed cartoner meets the needs of most packaging materials at home and abroad through the following key structural designs:
1 high speed carton silo supply system
The system consists of a continuous feed conveyor belt that can accommodate up to 2000 cartons of storage at a time.
Flexible adjustment according to the size of the carton, intelligent monitoring;
According to the characteristics of the carton, the optimal carton conveying supply position and the mechanism linkage phase position can be adaptively adapted to meet the requirements for repeated positioning accuracy of the opening head;
At the same time, according to the speed and phase relationship of the whole machine, automatic matching, seamless docking and intelligent control.

2 high speed open box system
The system is driven by an independent servo motor, which not only meets the requirements of static repeat positioning accuracy, but also realizes real-time information data transmission interaction, meeting the requirements of dynamic positioning tracking and automatic adjustment of accuracy.
The open box head is composed of three sets of open box rods, and each group of open box rods is composed of a suction box head and an open box pressing rod.
After the carton is in place, it is tracked by the suction box lever;
At the same time, the auxiliary open box sucker is pre-opened, and the open box press rod is activated to rotate, and the size of the positioning paper box is quickly tracked, and the open box positioning is forced;
And the phase of the auxiliary servo motor follows, continuously pre-opening the two small tongues (guarantee the success of subsequent packaging);
Finally, the carton is quickly and stably cut into the carton conveying positioning bin through the box, and the box opening operation of the high-speed carton suction box is completed.
This mechanism subtly eliminates the mechanical failure caused by the packaging material problem, can improve the success rate of opening the box, reduce the failure rate of the equipment operation, and ensure the stability of high-speed operation. The system is able to adapt to the size and structure of the carton, thus meeting the packaging needs of most products in the domestic market.
3 carton conveyor system
The system uses the Siemens simotion motion controller to drive high-precision servo motor to realize high-speed and stable operation of the carton, and at the same time complete the carton sealing action, ensuring the accuracy of the carton transmission, improving the stable operation of the equipment, and meeting the carton of various specifications. Packaging needs.