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Stability Analysis of High Speed Cartoning Machine: Instructions
At present, there are many types of papers on the market, such as coated paper, single-adhesive paper, double-adhesive paper, etc. Different papers will have different effects on the operation of the equipment. Only by fully evaluating the packaging materials in the early stage can we design and manufacture more stable packaging equipment.

The automatic cartoning machine manual system can realize the online folding, online monitoring and online conveying functions of the manual. Standard German original GUK paper folding machine for stable high-speed folding.

Through the conveyor belt line transport positioning, the use of bar code comparison identification and process monitoring, the implementation of the specification version detection, printing detection and manual loss detection, complete the risk management of the drug safety production process.

Through the manual conveying and clamping mechanism, the secondary positioning and process control of the manual are realized, and the manual is not lost in the high-speed and stable operation of the cartoning machine.

And through the main synchronous power source of the cartoning machine, the phase position is accurate, high-speed follow, synchronous movement, improve the stability of the high-speed cartoning machine online folding, transmission, and greatly reduce the equipment failure rate.