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Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
The Tube Filling And Sealing Machine is suitable for all kinds of plastic hoses, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, automatic filling and sealing, color coding, date printing, cleavage and discharge, widely used in daily chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Filling of paste products.
The equipment through the PLC control system makes the machine work more precise and stable; the indexing adopts the precision cam indexing mechanism, the positioning is more accurate and stable, and the versatility is strong; the advanced high-frequency system imported from abroad heats the aluminum foil, making the sealing speed faster and more Stable, sealed and beautiful.
The GF-400F / L   Tube Filling And Sealing Machine adopts 12-station design, which can realize various folding packaging of metal pipes. The same machine can easily realize the packaging of plastic pipes and metal pipes by changing the molds and accessories. It is an ideal equipment for the filling, sealing and sealing of aluminum tubes, plastic tubes and composite tubes in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, adhesive and other industries, in line with GMP requirements.
Hose filling and sealing machine

Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

Hualian recommends automatic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
Model GF-400
Hose material metal tube, aluminum tube plastic tube, composite tube
Hose diameter (mm) φ10-φ42
Hose length (mm) 50-250 (can be customized
Filling capacity 5-500ml / support (adjustable
Filling accuracy ≤ ± 1% ≤ ± 1%
Turntable speed (rev / min) 3-10
Production capacity (support / hour) 30-70 (adjustable
Compressed air 0.55-0.65Mpa 0.1 m3 / min
Motor work 2Kw (380V / 220V 50Hz)
Heat sealing power 3KW
Dimensions (mm) 2620 × 1020 × 1980
Host weight (kg) 1100