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The reason why the film of the bag rotary packing machine is easily offset and cannot be fed normally
At the front end time, a friend encountered the problem that the film packaging machine was easy to be offset and could not be fed normally. Some experts were asked about this problem. I also consulted a lot of information in this regard. The following is the solution:

When the bag rotary packing machine is working, the film material is easily offset and cannot be fed normally. If you are experiencing the same problem, you may wish to try it. If you encounter a film offset in the  bag rotary packing machine, if the position of the film roll and the tension balance bar are invalid, you can adjust the upper triangular plate. Angle to solve this problem If the upper film material deviates from the clamping chain, the upper triangular plate can be adjusted clockwise; the lower film material is offset from the clamping chain, the upper triangular plate can be adjusted counterclockwise, and many problems are encountered, hope Can help you.

 bag rotary packing machine

For  bag rotary packing machine, we must first take quality as the first choice. Secondly, considering other factors such as price, a high-quality bag-type packaging machine can help you get twice the result with half the effort. Imagine if the bag-type packaging machine fails. Then all the production lines in the factory have to be shut down, resulting in a large loss, staff costs, factory rent, material costs, maintenance costs, and delays in delivery.

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