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Twelve operational actions of unpacking employees in the cartoning machine shop
In the process of operating the cartoning machine, the employees in the workshop are often negligent due to some negligence, which leads to unimaginable consequences. It is very necessary to safely operate the cartoning machine. All enterprises must pay attention to the operation of the cartoning machine. Personnel conduct knowledge training on safety. The following examples illustrate common unsafe operation behaviors:

The first one: the cartoning machine equipment operation, the item picking and dropping method is not correct, the object support is not reliable.

Article 2: Approaching or entering a dangerous place, such as a cartoning machine or a lifting cargo.
Article 3: Cleaning, refueling or overhauling the cartoning device in operation, power supply or heating.
Article 4: Suddenly start the cartoning machine, move the vehicle, object or proceed to the next step without giving a signal or confirming safety.
Article 5: The device of the cartoning machine is improperly selected, improperly used or defective.
Article 6: Leave the cartoning machine in operation and place the cartoning machine or material in an unsafe state or in a place.
Article 7: The act of dismantling the safety device or invalidating the safety device.
Article 8: Jump or jump from the cartoning machine during operation, or manually replace the specified tool.
Article 9: Do not use personal protective equipment, or improper use, or unsafe to wear.
Article 10: Touch unknown chemicals at will.
Article 11: rush into the confined space.
Article 12: Accidents are rushed to save.

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