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Introduction to the working principle of the automatic cartoning machine
The first thing to understand is how the automatic cartoner works. First, the usual automatic cartoning machine can put the bottle, the medicine board, the ointment and the manual into the automatic folding carton, and complete the cover box action, and some functions exceed the entire automatic packing case with the sealing label or the heat shrink packaging package and other additional functions. .
Secondly, automatic loading and feeding are generally divided into three inlet box machines: manual inlet, inlet and inlet box packaging machines. Feeding from the machine box The final package can be roughly divided into four stages: under the box, opening, filling and closing the lid. The action under the box usually absorbs the carton from the suction cup of the carton feed port and enters the carton line downwards. The fixed pusher box is opened by the rail clamping box, and two screens can be moved upward from the bottom. Hold the carton forward and backward, making the box at right angles and moving forward to the loading area. In the loading area behind the filling machine, the mechanism folds into the ears around the rails and then covers the action.
DPH-ZHJ series high-speed blister packaging and automatic carton linkage production line

The bad structure of the carton and the adjustment of the machine's precision have a great relationship to cover the first curved folding carton in front of the tongue, and then a box lid that is bent by the push plate pushes the tongue into the box and locks. The cover is the key action of the action, doing a good job.
In addition, different suppliers provide equipment box machines, and their working principle and mechanism will be different, so the structure of the chassis should be matched.