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The man-machine interface of the cartoning machine cannot display the fault check.
Cartoning machine failure:
The display unit cannot be displayed.
Analysis of possible causes of the cartoner failure:
The power supply is abnormal, the emergency stop button S1 is damaged, the contactor KM1. cannot work, the PLC has no DC 24V output, and the human-machine interface is damaged.
The perfect solution:
1, determine the power input
2, check the emergency stop switch
3, check the PLC
4, replace the man-machine interface

Finally, we recommend a Hualian brand cartoning machine: ZHJ-200/260/400 continuous high-speed automatic cartoning machine

ZHJ-200/260/400 Continuous high-speed automatic cartoning machine is suitable for the packing of medicine plates, hoses, bottles and similar items. It can be continuously operated and packed up to a maximum speed of 370 boxes/min, and the packaging efficiency is high. Excellent quality, is a high-tech product integrating motor. It can automatically complete the manual folding, carton opening, plate packing, printing batch number, sealing and so on. Adopt high frequency speed regulation and man-machine interface PLC control. Photoelectric monitoring of a part of the action, an abnormality in the operation, can automatically stop the display of the cause, in order to eliminate the fault in time. It can be used alone or in combination with a blister packaging machine and other equipment to form a production line.