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What is the reason why the cartoning machine does not suck the box?
Cartoning machine failure:
Do not suck the box
Analysis of possible causes of the cartoner failure:
The suction box proximity switch S7 is damaged, the PLC point Y3 has no output voltage, and the suction box solenoid valve is damaged.
The perfect solution:
1. Replace the proximity switch S7
2, replace the PLC
3, replace the solenoid valve

Today we recommend a fully automatic production line for cartoning machine:

DPH-ZHJ400D high speed aluminum plastic blister packaging and automatic carton linkage production line

DPH-ZHJ400D high-speed aluminum-plastic blister packaging and automatic cartoning linkage production line is suitable for high-speed aluminum-plastic packaging of medicines, especially capsules, tablets and sugar-coated tablets. It automatically detects waste, and the medicine board is automatically queued to high-speed automatic cartoning machine. warehouse. The high-speed automatic cartoning machine puts the medicine board and the manual into the carton and seals the batch number. The whole process is fully automatic packaging, which can reduce the cost of labor on the site. The high automation and high cleanliness are more in line with the GM P requirements. This machine blister packaging speed can reach: 600 / board / minute, automatic boxing speed: 400 boxes /. per minute. Strongly recommended, contact Hualian immediately: Tel: 0577-65612699, we will be happy to help you.