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Blister packaging machine related problems
Some state-of-the-art blister packaging machine are equipped with a variety of automatic monitoring devices that provide various protections and automatically stop the machine when the following problems are discovered:
(1) The safety shield is opened;
(2) insufficient compressed air pressure;
(3) The heating temperature is not enough;
(4) PVC film or aluminum foil is used up;
(5) The packaged medicines are used up;
(6) Some stations are mechanically overloaded;
(7) Circuit overload.

When the blister packaging machine is hot-sealed, when the PVC belt runs to cause problems such as foaming, it needs to be solved from the following aspects:
(1) Whether the aluminum foil is a qualified product, and whether the heat sealing surface is coated with a hot melt that meets the requirements;
(2) Whether the temperature of the heating device is too high or too low;
(3) Whether the operation of PVC tape or aluminum foil has abnormal resistance;
(4) Whether the heat-sealing mold is qualified, whether the surface is smooth and smooth, and whether the blister formed on the PVC belt can be smoothly inserted into the hole of the heat-sealing roller (plate);
(5) Whether the texture on the anilox roller (plate) is clear and the depth is consistent;
(6) Whether the cooling system of the heat-sealed mold is working properly and effectively;
(7) Whether the pressure required for heat sealing of the aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is normal;
(8) Whether the heat sealing roller (plate) and the anilox roller (plate) are parallel.