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Roller blister packaging machine features
The roller type blister packaging machine adopts a roll mold for forming, sealing and stepping devices, so the mechanical structure is simple, the synchronous adjustment is convenient, the work is reliable, economical and durable. However, the roller type aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is not suitable for forming a blister having a large diameter, a complicated shape, and a large draw ratio (depth/equivalent diameter). If it is only used for packaging medicines or articles similar to medicines, the roller type aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine has complete functions and good packaging effect.

blister packaging machine

DPH-270/380DL roller plate high speed blister packaging machine

The roller type blister packaging machine generally adopts a bracket type (or wall panel type) structure mainly composed of a vertically placed large board. The front side of the board is the working part, and the parts are not equipped with a hood, which is convenient for work, observation and adjustment. The rear side of the board is arranged with the transmission system and the control actuators of the air control, vacuum and cooling system. The transmission system mostly adopts chain transmission and board. After being closed with a chassis, it is neat and beautiful.
The roller blister packaging machine structure is also arranged in a vertical arrangement, and only a single roller is used in the entire packaging process from forming to cutting. Compared with the horizontally arranged roller-type aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine, the vertical roller simple aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine combines molding and heat sealing devices, and adopts contact heating. After the modification, the structure of the machine is simplified, the center is compact, the maintenance operation is convenient, the floor space is small, and the cost is greatly reduced.