Detailed description of the purpose and function of tube filling and sealing machine

 tube filling and sealing machine

1. The transmission part is enclosed below the platform, which is safe and reliable, and has no pollution;

2. The filling and sealing part is installed in the semi-closed and non-static outer frame visible cover above the platform, which is easy to observe, easy to operate and easy to maintain;
3. PLC control, man-machine dialogue interface;
4. The turntable is driven by a cam with high speed and high precision;
5, oblique hanging tube warehouse, the upper tube mechanism is equipped with a vacuum adsorption device to ensure that the automatic upper tube accurately enters the tube seat;
6, photoelectric benchmarking workstation, using high-precision probes, stepper motors and other control hose patterns in the correct position;
7. The nozzle is equipped with a material cutting mechanism to ensure the filling quality;
8, no tube is not filled;
9. The tail is cooled by the inner end of the tube (Leister hot air gun), and the external cooling and cooling device is arranged;
10. The type code workstation automatically prints the word at the position required by the process;
11. The plastic manipulator cuts the tail of the hose into a right angle or a rounded corner for selection;
12, fault warning, no tube alarm, door open stop, overload stop;
13, counting and quantitative downtime
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