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Action Analysis of Open Box Forming Process of Automatic Cartoning Machine
The general process of opening the box of the automatic cartoning machine is as follows: the carton blank is taken out of the carton and the carton pre-opening box is completely opened.

The open box forming device designed in this paper is mainly composed of a carton bin, a vacuum chuck, a swinging cylinder, an open box wedge plate, an open box swing bar and a carton conveying mechanism.

One end of the open box swing rod is fixed on the output shaft of the swinging cylinder, and the other end is connected with the vacuum suction cup. The main function of the open box swing rod is to drive the vacuum suction cup to swing up and down. First, the blank of the carton blank is separated by a vacuum suction cup; secondly, the carton blank is pre-opened by pressing the open box wedge plate during the downward conveying; finally, the pre-opened carton is placed in the carton. The mechanism is completely opened to complete the opening of the entire carton. The whole process movement is divided into four steps: taking a box and pre-opening the box, and returning completely.
Step 1: When the vacuum chuck moves to the carton compartment A, stay at the center of the carton for a period of time so that the vacuum chuck holds the carton firmly.
Step 2: When the carton blank is moved to the B position with the vacuum chuck, the flat carton is pre-opened under the squeeze of the open-box wedge plate.
Step 3: The pre-opened carton moves to the c position and is placed in the carton holder on the carton conveying mechanism. The carton is completely opened by the extrusion of the claws, and the suction cup is destroyed. The degree of vacuum, the carton is separated from the vacuum chuck.
Step 4: In order to facilitate the smooth passage of the carton, the vacuum cup will continue to move downwards for a distance to the position D, and then the vacuum cup starts to return to the initial position to start another cycle.