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Analysis of the opening motion of the cartoning machine and determination of key parameters
The open box swing rod of the cartoning machine reciprocates up and down under the driving action of the swinging cylinder, and the vacuum chuck is vertically installed at one end of the open box swing rod and reciprocally swings with the open box swing rod. The movement path of the vacuum chuck is a circular arc, and the parameters such as the size of the swing angle, the length of the swing rod, the position of the carton, the position of the pre-opening box, the position of the open box and the position of the swing back affect the quality of the open box. After the vacuum chuck sucks the bottom carton blank, the bottom carton is taken out from the carton blank, and the carton is swung at a certain angle, and is used for the suction box in the pendulum swing angle (0.<<90.). , pre-opening box and open box molding, in the swing angle is Lu (a 90. <Lu <0.), mainly used for vacuum suction cup and paper box separation, let the paper box pass smoothly, open box swing rod can also be smooth Back swing, the next open box molding.

cartoning machine

In order to facilitate the adjustment and motion analysis, the bottom of the first claw on the left side of the carton conveying mechanism of the cartoning machine is used as a reference point, and the horizontal distance from the origin of the coordinate to the reference point is the reference length of the pendulum rod. The length is =350mm. h is the height of the suction cup. The height of the suction cup is related to the selected vacuum suction cup model. The height of the suction cup selected in this paper is h,=25mm. h is the vertical distance from the apex of the jaw to the shaft. The open box forming device described here is suitable for a maximum carton height of 60 mm, so the height of the jaw is 60 mm. Figure 4 shows that h = 85 mm.

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