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Matching principle for rotary packing machine

The rotary packing machine adopts imported PLC, man-machine interface and pneumatic originals to realize packaging automation. The operator only needs to put hundreds of bags in the bag-taking part of the equipment at one time for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, seed and other industries. Provide the latest products and the best service. Therefore, it is very important to choose a rotary packing machine suitable for your own product packaging. Now we introduce several matching principles.

rotary packing machine

rotary packing machine

1. To meet the requirements of food packaging technology, have good adaptability to the materials and containers selected for food, ensure the requirements of packaging quality and packaging production efficiency, advanced technology, stable and reliable work, low energy consumption, convenient use and maintenance;

2, pay attention to mechanical versatility, can adapt to the packaging needs of a variety of food. Meet the requirements of food hygiene, easy to clean, no pollution;

3. There are reasonable and reliable control devices for the conditions required for food packaging, such as temperature, pressure, time, metering, speed, etc., as far as possible, using automatic control methods, long-term production of a single product, selection of special-purpose machinery;

4. When producing multi-variety, same type and multi-standard products, choose multi-functional rotary packing machine , one machine can complete multiple packaging operations, improve efficiency, save labor and reduce floor space. Improve workers' working conditions and reduce labor intensity.

The rotary packing machine is the representative of the packaging machinery to technology, it is not only fast, efficient, stable, and effective, but also has strong practicability, wide application range, and quantitative packaging. It is also a big selling point for bag packaging machines. It is the best choice to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise market. The following small series will give an explanation of the benefits of quantitative packaging for rotary packing machine , so that everyone can have a deeper understanding of its packaging work.

First of all, from the aspect of sales, the quantitative packaging of the rotary packing machine can make the product of the same specification have a quantity standard, which is not only more beautiful and uniform, but also can be put on the shelf as a good product image, and can also be used for merchants. This is priced based on the difference in quantity.

Secondly, the rotary packing machine has the two characteristics of “give bag” and “quantitative” when packaging the product. “Give bag” means that the device can be placed by pre-packing the bag and taking the bag by itself. Packaging work. The "quantitative" means that the equipment can weigh the products to be packaged according to the pre-set weight requirements through its own weighing tool. When the packaging requirements are met, the feeding is stopped and the next step is stopped.

Therefore, another advantage of using the quantitative packaging method for the rotary packing machine is that the material can be utilized to the maximum extent, which not only saves materials for the enterprise, but also greatly improves the packaging efficiency and quality of the product.