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Selection analysis of blister packaging machine
Roller type blister packaging machine adopts roller molding, sealing and roller feeding, and the blister belt will bend around the surface of the roller during operation, so it is not suitable for forming sheets, deep and complicated blister , the volume of the packaged drugs is also small, so now still pack a variety of sugar-coated tablets, plain tablets, capsules and capsules. . In addition, since the roller type blister packaging machine is vacuum negative pressure forming, the thickness uniformity of the blister is poor, and the forming speed cannot be too fast, so the working frequency of the machine cannot be too high, and the general cutting frequency is 3O. ~40 times / rain, which has affected its application to some extent. However, from the development and needs of tablet packaging and the simple structure of the machine itself, and the low cost, the vertical roller type blister packaging machine is quite promising.

blister packaging machine

The flat blister packaging machine is developed on the basis of the roller blister packaging machine. The overall structure can be divided into a box structure and a frame structure, all adopting a flat molding dies, a flat sealing dies, and horizontal clamping. Step by step. In addition to the functions of the roller blister packaging machine, the flat blister packaging machine can also package ampoules of various specifications, bottled medicines such as vials and medical devices of various sizes and sensitivity, and has a wide range of applications. From the drug category, it can be used for tablets, capsules, capsules and water injections; from the shape of the drug, it can be used for round, square, triangle, round, round, spherical and various shaped tablets, Chinese medicine pills Wait. When replacing the blister packaging machine, if the flatness of the plate is strict, the separation of the drug on the plate has special requirements, and the various blister geometries have special requirements, and the light-proof packaging is required, and the flat aluminum-plastic foam is preferred. Cover packaging machine, extend the storage period of packaging drugs, improve packaging grade, use value and market competitiveness of products.

The roller-plate aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine combines the two advantages of plate molding and roll sealing, and can package various specifications of plain tablets, sugar-coated tablets, capsules, capsules and shaped tablets. However, when the tablet diameter exceeds 16 ItlII1 or the capsule and the profiled sheet are inclined at an angle of more than 45 degrees on the standard panel, it is generally not suitable for placing such a packaging machine because

It is a roll seal, and the blister tape is wrapped around the surface of the roll to cause bending. When sealing, the aluminum foil is easily crushed and the packaged material is crushed. When replacing the roller blister packaging machine, the main considerations are:
(1) Packing feet, not exceeding the packaging range mentioned above, and reasonably replacing;
(2) The material is fully utilized, and the packaging machine with no transverse edge punching saves packaging materials;
(3) Production capacity, when the production volume is large, replace the high-speed packaging machine (the number of punching times can reach 100 times/min or more). When the production volume is small, the packaging machine with lower speed is selected (the number of punching is 60 times / Min or so).