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Reasons and solutions for the rotary packing machine
Some users may encounter the problem of sticking the bag to the machine when using the rotary packing machine to package food or other products, which is both cumbersome and difficult to handle.

There are two main reasons for the rotary packing machine to appear sticky bags. The first one, because of the fast packaging speed of the device, the static electricity generated under high speed causes the bag to be dense because the bag itself has some static electricity. However, its own quality is very light, so it often causes the rotary packing machine to take the double bag.

According to this phenomenon, it can be treated by an electrostatically neutralized ion bar, and then the rotary packing machine can easily separate the bags to be packaged one by one.
Secondly, if the high-speed packaging of the rotary packing machine causes the static electricity of the packaging bag, it may be that the surface of the packaging bag itself is relatively smooth. Since the two stickers are very close, then a certain process will produce a fan. Devalli is like the case where two pieces of glass are stuck together and difficult to separate.
Since van der Waals force is an interaction between atoms in a certain distance through dipoles, it is also electrostatic attraction in nature. Therefore, if the rotary packing machine is caused by a sticky bag phenomenon, it is more difficult to handle. When the user needs to consider the material of the bag, it is possible to replace the bag that is better.

The above is the solution to the sticky bag phenomenon.

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