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Maintenance guidelines for blister packaging machine
1. The blister packaging machine should be wiped, cleaned and kept clean frequently.
2. Frequently check the operation of the blister packaging machine, and find out the problem and deal with it in time.
3. Lubricate the equipment on time according to the lubrication requirements
4. Don't cut off the water in each cooling part when working. Supply water before starting, and then heat the heating parts; when the production is terminated, the water supply is stopped after the heating parts reach normal temperature.
5. Keep the surface of the heat-sealing roller clean. Use a fine copper wire brush under heating to remove the attachments. At the same time, the operator should pay attention to the operation range and the distance between the hand, arm and body and the heating roller to avoid burns.
6. After the work is completed, turn off the power first, and cool down the water and gas sources after the heating components have cooled to normal temperature.
7. When using or storing abrasive tools, do not scratch or scratch them. Do not contact them with corrosive materials.

8. When the blister packaging machine is not used for a long time, the accumulated water in the water and air channels should be blown out with compressed air, oiled on all parts, and covered with plastic.