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Cartoning machine performance requirements standards
General requirements
1. The cartoning machine should be manufactured according to the drawings and technical documents approved by the prescribed procedures.
2. The cartoning machine should run smoothly with zero motion, and the parts should be sensitive, coordinated, accurate, free of jams and abnormal sounds.
3. For the lubrication system of the cartoning machine, the connection of the gas path should be intact and sealed without oil leakage and air leakage.
4. Pneumatic system installation, safety related requirements shall comply with the provisions of GB / T 7932.
Performance requirements
1. The production capacity of the cartoning machine should reach the rated production capacity.
2. The finished packing box itself has damaged packing carton and bad sealing effect; the packaged material (or pre-packaged parts) and the description are broken, and there is more packing, less packing or missing packing; the packing qualification rate should be Not less than 99%.
3. The noise sound pressure level of the cartoning machine should not be greater than 80dB (A).
4. The feeding system of the cartoning machine is out of material. When there is no box or the instructions indicate, the alarm or pressurization should be performed.