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Blister Packaging Machine Operation Guide

Blister Packaging Machine

1. Turn on the main power switch of the blister packaging machine, turn on the compressed air, and turn on the cooling water.

2. Turn on the "heating" switch, and the host will start heating. .
3. Check if the batch number is correct. If the unit is in the army, change the batch number.
4. After the heating temperature reaches the set value, press the "Jog" button to open the lower mold.
5. Lift the upper heating plate, turn on the "step clamp" button, pass the PVC through the forming mold and the clamping cylinder, and pass the PVC outside the machine.
6. Lower the upper heating plate, press the "Start" button, adjust the "speed control of the host of the blister packaging machine" to make the host run at a low speed. After the molding, the PVC goes out about 3 meters, and press the "exact stop" button to stop the host.
7. Observe the shape of the blister, whether it is even and stiff, and whether it is bent over a length of 3 meters.
8. Cut the ends of the PVC with scissors, turn it through 180 degrees, insert the PVC into the platform, cover the active roller, and press the PVC with the pressure roller.
9. Press the "Start" button to make the host run, and then make the PVC go out 1.5 meters, press the "Exact Stop" button to stop the host.
10. Pass the PVC through the typing device, lift up the stepping platen before punching, and pierce the PVC into the punching device. Note that the stepping push plate should be placed between the two blister plates before punching.
11. Step down the pressing plate before punching, press the "Start" button, and observe the typing and punching position.
12. Pass the aluminum foil through the hot pressing roller, open the "Heat Seal" button, and press the "Start" button to observe the sealing effect.
13. Press the "Exact Stop" button to stop the host, add the material to the main hopper, and turn on the "Loading" knob to make the loader work.
14. Press the "Start" button to start normal production. During the production process, you can slowly increase the speed. Pay attention to the quality of molding, sealing and feeding at any time. When the speed increase is large, the heating temperature and forming and sealing pressure should be appropriately increased. .
15. Regularly lubricate the transmission chain and each guide post, guide bush, bearing, etc. according to the lubrication diagram.