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Specification of electrical safety requirements for cartoning machines

1.The circuit control system of the cartoning machine should meet the requirements of GB5226.1. It is safe, reliable, accurate, and the electrical connectors are firmly connected; and numbered; the operation buttons should be flexible; the indicator light should be normal; there should be an emergency stop device, The effective operation of the emergency stop actuator suspends the subsequent command, which is effective until it is reset. The reset should only be performed manually at the location where the emergency operation command is triggered. The commanded reset should not restart the machine, but only allow restart.

2.The insulation resistance measured when 500Vd.c. Is applied between the power circuit wires of the cartoning machine and the protective connection circuit shall be not less than 1MO. 5.3.3 All exposed conductive parts of the cartoning machine shall be in accordance with 8.2 of GB5226.1-2008. 1 Requires connection to a protective connection circuit. The connection between the ground terminal or ground contact and the grounded metal part shall have a low resistance value, and its resistance value shall not exceed 0.10. 5.3.4 The circuit conductor of the electrical equipment and the protective connection circuit shall withstand a withstand voltage of at least 1 s. test.