General overview of the tube filling and sealing machine

With the development of science and technology, the tube filling and sealing machine realizes that there are deficiencies there, and constantly improves the places that need improvement, so that it can completely change its shortcomings and make the use more secure. The continuous development of the packaging industry has gradually occupied the market share of most sectors, replacing old-fashioned filling equipment, and promoting product quality and production efficiency!

tube filling and sealing machine

Only by maintaining this development spirit will we be satisfied with the different needs provided by Fanbo customers. Fully automatic filling machines that meet their requirements can ensure the safety and quality of the products from processing to packaging, so that they can be carried out methodically. Moreover, it also saved a lot of manpower and improved production efficiency.
The development of fully automatic tube filling and sealing machine has also been fully implemented in the growing social market, and its advantages have also gained a huge market share, and it has gradually become a leader in the entire filling industry.

Requirements for tube filling and sealing machine :
(1) Able to meet the general requirements of packaging without deformation or pilling;
(2) Cannot cause the problem of missing installation, wrong installation and less installation;
(3) Do not contaminate filling and sealing machines and packaging boxes;
(4) The batch number and the date of manufacture must be printed clearly.

Common tube filling and sealing machine quality problems:
(1) The paper quality of the carton does not meet the design requirements, poor rigidity, and large deformation of the toothpaste tube;
(2) The packaging surface is damaged by pulling or the packaging box is damaged;
(3) Type in steel stamp, the date of delivery and batch number are unclear
(4) The packaging is damaged or broken. The new stainless steel butterfly valve metering pump conforming to the GMP standard is equipped with a screw fine-tuning mechanism for accurate measurement; the PLC programmable control and the photoelectric identification mechanism are used for precise and reliable trademark positioning; variable frequency speed regulation and indexing positioning for the reopening mechanism Using international zui new type of folding and sealing mechanism. tube filling and sealing machine is used in medicine, food, cosmetics, daily chemical industry and other industries to fill and seal metal hoses. Various pastes, pastes, viscosity fluids and other materials can be smoothly and correctly injected into the hose, and folding and sealing, batch numbering, production date, etc. can be completed.

Various pastes, pastes, viscosity fluids and other materials can be smoothly and correctly injected into the hose, and hot air heating in the tube, sealing and batch numbering, production date, etc. can be completed. The machine adopts Taiwan touch screen and PLC control system to realize non-contact operation, which is intuitive and convenient and reliable. The main products with relatively clear development are increasing rapidly, but some of the daily chemical development is underdeveloped, such as only slowly filling some product development and mechanical sealing technology is behind the times. At present, there are no high-end applications for filling and sealing machine washing. Nursing, relative detergent and cosmetic products, fill some major detergent manufacturers with relatively good, and foreign, two production speed adjustment to improve the production line of the predecessors, and look at the technical quality of the products are in the first place.

It is suitable for filling and sealing of large-diameter plastic pipes and composite pipes in the industries of medicine, food, cosmetics, daily-use chemical supplies, etc. The fully automatic operation system completes the supply, washing, identification, filling, hot melting, sealing Finishing, coding, trimming, and finished products.

Product description of tube filling and sealing machine :
Filling and sealing machine is also developing rapidly in the daily chemical industry.
Filling and sealing machine is a kind of equipment with high degree of automation for filling cylindrical material hoses or compound hoses and pasting materials.

tube filling and sealing machine requirements for packaging materials:
(1) The paper must meet the design requirements;
(2) Carton graphics specifications, carton processing and gluing must meet the requirements of the scale;
(3) The plated blister board is flat after processing. The bottled glass bottles must be regular, the glass thickness of the filling and sealing machine must reach the standard, the injection plastic support cannot be too thin, and the bayonet must be tight.

Intelligent temperature control and cooling system make the operation simple and reliable. It also has a safety device to open the door and stop the machine.
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