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Some requirements about blister packaging machine

High speed blister packaging machine is specially designed and manufactured for small pharmaceutical factories, health care products factories, food factories, hospital preparation rooms, etc. Aluminum plastic blister packaging machine is mainly used for packaging solid medicines and foods such as capsules, tablets, capsules, suppositories, milk tablets, candy, small hardware and so on.

blister packaging machine

The blister packaging machine refers to the advantages of similar foreign products. The whole machine is compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, stable in operation, simple in operation, and low in noise. It adopts the internal heating form, PVC is uniformly heated, and the blister is formed solidly. There is no bubble loss during shutdown and startup to avoid waste of packaging materials. Suction, filling, mesh heat sealing, batch number printing, plate blanking can be continuously operated, convenient installation and maintenance, small size, light weight, low price, compact structure, beautiful appearance, advanced blister at home and abroad Packing Machine.
Some requirements about blister packaging machine:
First, the design and installation of equipment should meet the requirements of pharmaceutical production and technology, safe, stable and reliable, easy to clean, disinfect or sterilize, convenient for production operations and maintenance, and can prevent poor and cross-contamination.
Second, the material selection of equipment should be strictly controlled. Materials that are in direct contact with the drug should be non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, and do not chemically change with the drug or adsorb the drug.
3. The inner surface of the equipment and the surface of the working parts that are in direct contact with the drug should not be designed with tables, grooves and exposed bolt connections as much as possible. The surface should be flat, smooth, no dead corners, easy to clean and disinfect. The lubricants and coolants used must not contaminate the surface of medicines and work parts.
4. The equipment shall not cause pollution to the environment outside the device. In view of the different situations of pollution generated by each type of equipment, measures such as dust prevention, leakage prevention, heat insulation and noise prevention shall be adopted.
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