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Trouble shooting of rotary packing machine !
Since its birth, the rotary packing machine has been widely concerned and favored by the industry. However, even if people work tired or have problems, they will be a little emotional, not to mention machines. In other words, no matter how good the equipment is, there will be some small faults, which requires the technicians in our workshop to master some simple troubleshooting methods when using therotary packing machine, thereby saving maintenance time. Increase productivity.
The common faults and solutions of the rotary packing machine are summarized as follows. I hope that it can help users who have used the rotary packing machine and users who will soon be put into use.

1. The power lamp of the control box of the rotary packing machine does not light, and the fuseless switch trips.
This fault is mainly caused by the power is not turned on, the fuse is cut off, the disconnection 0x 1775 leakage current 0x 1775 and poor contact. However, the solution is relatively simple, as long as the person who knows the electrical appliance can turn on the power or replace the corresponding faulty equipment and circuit, and check and confirm the connection of the circuit.

2. The finished conveyor belt of the rotary packing machine needs to be pushed by hand or cannot be rotated.
In order to solve this problem, we can proceed from these aspects. First, check the tightening force of the motor gear head and the transmission chain, and confirm that the problem of the conveyor belt is caused by the poor motor gear head or the tightening force of the transmission chain. After determining the cause of the problem, we can simply solve the problem. We can replace the motor gear, adjust the screw and drive chain of the control belt to solve the problem! Secondly, the belt does not rotate. It should be checked whether the wire is disconnected, whether the motor is bad, whether the plug is electric shock, whether the reducer is damaged, whether the 0x 1775 micro switch is not in contact, etc. If the belt does not move due to a broken wire or no electric shock, the damaged contactor needs to be replaced to solve the problem.

3. Products packed by rotary packing machine have low vacuum.

If the products packed with vacuum packaging equipment can not reach the preset vacuum degree, it is not conducive to the preservation of food and extend the shelf life of the product; it is well known that the vacuum degree of the product mainly depends on the vacuum pump. When this problem occurs, we need to check whether the vacuum pump oil is contaminated. If the vacuum pump oil is red, we need to replace the vacuum pump oil. Within 10 minutes after the work is completed, drain the oil in the vacuum pump and inject new vacuum pump oil. This can remove impurities in the oil from the pump, so as to achieve the purpose of changing the vacuum pump oil. When injecting new oil, remember that oil can be added to the 2-3 or 3/4 position of the vacuum pump oil window, which may result in more or less oil being injected. If the pump oil is insufficient, the vacuum pump will not operate normally, causing damage to the equipment.

The above problems will have a great impact on the use and output of the fully rotary packing machine. As long as you master and flexibly use today's knowledge, you can solve the common failures of automatic bag-feeding vacuum packaging machines, and the bag-feeding vacuum packaging machines can create benefits for enterprises.