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Analysis of the difficulties in the production and application of automatic cartoning machine
The automatic cartoning machine can be divided into horizontal and vertical types according to the way the packaged objects enter the carton; according to the movement form, it can be divided into two types: continuous cartoning machine and intermittent cartoning machine. Among them, the model where the packaged object is pushed into the carton horizontally is called horizontal type, and the model where the packaged object is vertically inserted into the carton is called vertical type. At present, the majority of automatic cartoning machines are horizontal, and the production speed of automatic continuous horizontal cartoning machines is relatively higher than other forms. The domestic high-speed machine can reach more than 200 boxes per minute. In order to improve production efficiency, in addition to conventional products and cartons, for the following special products and cartons, it is best to use automatic continuous horizontal high-speed cartoning machine for packaging.

cartoning machine

Specification 1: Small box size (mm) length 44 × width 34 × height 34 (or width and height smaller carton); vial diameter (mm) 30 height 41 (or smaller diameter bottle such as diameter 11).

Specification 2: Small box size (mm) length 230 × width 150 × height 25 (or larger carton); plastic tray size (mm) 228 × 147 × 20 (or larger product); two-way ampule labeling After the 10 pieces are put into the tray, they are merged into one group, which requires a speed of 80-100 boxes / min to pack.

Difficulty of packing in size 1
The difficulties are the following:

1. The length of the carton is too short, how to solve the problem of unpacking?

2. How to complete the boxing and sealing after being opened and transported to various processes?

3. In the feeding device, when the cartoning machine is running at a high speed, the bottle feed screw should stop rotating when the bottle is small enough, and each time it starts, the bottle should be accurately dropped into the carton of the cartoning machine. What can I do to avoid frequent shutdowns and startups?

Difficulties in boxing of size 2:
The difficulties are the following:

1. Ten labels of two ampoules are put into the pallet and merged into one. Because the ampoules are thin and fragile, they need to be soft and high-speed when combined, so they cannot be driven by hard drives such as cylinders;

2. The carton is large and flat, and it is difficult to open the box; (3) Because the carton is wide and flat, the middle of the carton is easy to collapse, and it is difficult to seal after packing.

The specific solution will be released later, please pay attention to the official website of Hualian or public account to read more information.