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The adaptive development of automatic cartoning machine
The modern automatic cartoning machine is already a very common machine with a wide range of applications. It is often used in the packaging that people need in their lives.
The requirements of modern packaging production, GMP and packaging technology on the cartoning machine are: a truly integrated product of machine, electricity and gas, which consists of a product unloading device, a folding manual mechanism and a carton packaging mechanism (carton forming, pushing in Commodities and instructions) composed of three parts. The manual folding can be completed automatically. The manual is sucked within a certain range and folded or folded multiple times. The manual is moved on the special mechanism. When the monitoring mechanism receives the signal, it is introduced into the suction carton. The motion of the carton triggers the signal and controls Implementation of the pushing action of the contents. Push the contents into the open carton together, the carton continues to move to achieve front and back sealing, and walk out of the cartoning machine to complete the entire process. The carton batch number printing device prints a batch number for each packaged item to ensure the accuracy of the batch number. The whole machine is completed under the control of the program, there is no intermediate transfer sequence, and there will be no confusion of batch numbers and missing insertion of instructions. At the same time, the dynamic display of each process can directly record the output.

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