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Classification of aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine
The aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine can be divided into two types: wall-pull type and box type according to the shape of the fuselage. According to the molding and heat-sealing structure types, the aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine can be divided into roller type, flat plate type and roller plate type 3 Kinds of types.
There are two types of aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine: flat-plate compressed air molding and rotary drum vacuum molding. Among them, the vacuum forming of the drum is continuous, while the flat plate forming is mostly intermittent. In general, the drum-type fuselage adopts the wall-plate type structure, and the flat-plate type and combined type fuselage take the box-type structure.

According to the degree of automation, aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is divided into automatic aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine, automatic aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine and semi-automatic aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine. The structure of the fully automatic aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is mostly horizontal. The entire packaging process is automated from the beginning of medicines, packaging materials and other raw materials to the packaging of tablets and boxes. It is an advanced aluminum-plastic packaging equipment that integrates various technologies. At present, the domestic aluminum-plastic packaging machine and cartoning machine connected unit have been developed, but because the two machines are combined, although the blister packaging process is close to fully automatic packaging, there are still unstable factors. The main difference between the automatic aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine and the automatic aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is punched into plates of a specified size and then manually packed. The labor intensity is relatively increased and the production efficiency is slightly lower. Category equipment. The forming, sealing and punching of the semi-automatic aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine need to be operated separately and independently. The degree of automation and labor productivity are low. The labor intensity of the workers is large and has been gradually eliminated. The fully automatic aluminum-plastic blister packaging produced by Hualian The machine solves this problem, greatly improves production efficiency, fully automatic operation, reduces the cost of enterprise workers, you are welcome to consult.

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DPH-270/330/380D  High-speed Blister Packing Machine

Patent No : ZL2012 2 0653459.8 ZL2012 3 0595907.9

High-speed Blister Packing Machine is suitable for automatic high speed alu pvc packing of capsules, tablets and chewing gums, candies. It adopts flat pressure forming to form strong and average blisters. and roller type mesh sealing to ensure reliable sealing. The machine is equipped with batching system, embossing device and horizontal boundless punching to achieve high production capacity and greatly save packing material

Technical characters:
Fast mould chang, push-oriented, without using tools.
Adopt servo traction, simple to set up, convenient to debug.
Push-oriented punch mould installation. If inspection and reject system is equipped and changed, no need to dismantle suck discs.
Long distance between two heating plates of forming when machine stops. to avoid PVC to be excessively heated and softened.
Optional configurations include camera inspection and rejection device, mechanical hand structure with suck heads, automatic vibrating guide rail feeder, etc. Can be equip with photocell register device as customer demand.

Main Technical Parameter

Model DPH-270D DPH-330D DPH-380D
Punch Frequency 60-180times/min 60-180times/min 60-180times/min
Max. Forming area 240×260mm 240×320mm 240×370mm
Max. Forming depth 13mm 13mm 13mm
Traction stroke Punch:20-120mm Forming:80-250mm
Blister specification Standard:80×57、95×65、103×43(Customized allowed)
Packing material Cold ALU forming aluminum foil 0.14-0.16×270mm 0.14-0.16×330mm 0.14-0.16×380mm
Standard PVC hard sheet 0.15-0.5×270mm 0.15-0.5×330mm 0.15-0.5×380mm
Standard PTP Aluminum foil 0.02-0.035×270mm 0.02-0.035×330mm 0.02-0.035×380mm
Average hole diameter of roll 70-76mm 70-76mm 70-76mm
Air consumption ≥0.3m3/h (Self-contained) pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa
Mould ooling tap water or recycle water 60L/h
Total power 20KW 21KW 22KW
Main motor 2.2KW 3.0KW 3.0KW
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 4100×980×1750mm 4100×980×1750mm 4100×1030×1750mm
Weight 3000Kg 3300Kg 3500Kg