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Introduction of the working principle of cartoning machine
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the carton has not only become the mainstream packaging method in the field of medicines and health products, but also widely used in the packaging of food, spices, confectionery and other products. In particular, there are many products packed in boxes in medicines. This is because the finished product after boxing is not only elegant in appearance and can catch the hearts of consumers, but also is convenient for product display and placement. It is more popular with sellers and has more convenient functions and value-added functions. It is also not in the process of transportation and carrying. It is easy to be squeezed and convenient to stack, so under the same product quality, packaging competition has become an important part of market competition!

cartoning machine

The cartoning machine is a high-tech, high-intelligence product that integrates multi-disciplinary technologies such as light, machine, and electricity.The machine can automatically pack the packed items into the box and install it, which can carry out highly intelligent management. , With automatic processing of unqualified products, automatic alarm and other functions. This machine can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, reduce costs, improve economic efficiency and packaging quality, and is an indispensable automatic packaging machine for export products.
China Hualian Pharmaceutical started in 1986, and successfully developed flat blister packaging machine and automatic cartoning machine from 1989 to 1993. It has become an internationally renowned manufacturer of automatic pharmaceutical packaging equipment and its products are favored by users. Ordering hotline of cartoning machine: +86 577-65612699