Precautions for starting operation of blister packaging machine

1. Connect the power supply based on the schematic diagram of the root device and the regulations on safe power consumption, and start the machine as shown in the operation panel (or touch screen) (note the grounding).

2. Connect the water inlet, outlet water, air inlet, and drain valves as shown on the sign behind the base (Figure 1)
3. Turn on the heating parts and set the temperature: heat seal about 160 ℃, up and down heating about 100 ℃. For the adjustment method, see the instruction manual of the temperature controller. The exact temperature is related to many factors such as working speed, plastic sheet quality, air temperature, etc., so In the production, it should be determined according to the actual needs (the aluminum / aluminum packaging does not need to be heated when forming). Turn on the air source and inflate the heating plate. Refer to the "Working Process" sign to align the plastic sheet and aluminum foil and correct the center position. After observing the forming, heat sealing, punching and running conditions, everything is normal and open the feeding gate to discharge medicine (after starting, pay attention to the cooling water).
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