Structure analysis of high-speed cartoning machine

The basic process of high-speed cartoning machine:
Inhale the carton, open the carton, complete the box, fold it into the instruction manual, transfer the product, push the product in, carton coding, close the box. The high-speed cartoning machine organically coordinates and combines these steps for easy operation, and can also be used in conjunction with other packaging machines.

The structural characteristics of high-speed cartoning machine:
(1) Pulley groove-gear device: the pulley groove pulley and the gear cooperate to provide power for intermittent movement, which enables the carton conveyor chain and the push-in mechanism conveyor chain to run together.
(2) Carton conveyor chain: The carton conveyor chain is used to transfer the opened carton to the push-in mechanism. The device is composed of 4 special rolling chains.
(3) Instruction manual transmission chain: The instruction manual transmission chain is used to send the folded instruction manual to the push-in mechanism in preparation for feeding the push-in mechanism into the carton.
(4) Whole box device: The whole box device is responsible for sucking down the carton from the carton bin, then opening the carton to form, and placing it on the carton conveyor chain.
(5) Manual folding part: This is an independent part, which consists of two parts: the basic frame and the folding device. It can be folded one to four percent according to customer's requirements. The folding parts are mainly composed of left and right racks, instruction manual, transmission system, low suction device, delivery equipment, instruction pagination, instruction manual folding and conveying system, etc.
(6) Push-in parts: used for the push-in mechanism with products in order, so that they can be smoothly inserted into the carton.
(7) Double-tongue parts: This tongue-closer can attach the bidirectional paper tongue to the box to close it.
(8) Linear guide component: This component consists of 3 tilt guides and 7 linear bearings.

Product parameters of high-speed cartoning machine:
Model ZHJ-200 ZHJ-260 ZHJ-400
Production capacity(box/min) ≤200 ≤240 ≤370
Min. Size of box(mm)(L×W×H) 200×80×70 200×80×70 200×80×70
Max. Size of box(mm)(L×W×H) 65×25×15 65×25×15 65×25×15
Specification of box 250-300/m2 250-300/m2 250-300/m2
Max. Size of leaflet(L×W) 260×180 260×180 260×180
Min. Size of feaflet(L×W) 110×100 110×100 110×100
Specification of leaflet 55-65/m2 55-65/m2 55-65/m2
Air consumption ≥5m3/h ≥5m3/h ≥5m3/h
TotaI Power 4.1kw 6.9kw 8.2kw
Power Supply 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ
Overall Dimension(L×H×W) 4500×1500×1700 4500×1500×1700 4500×1500×1700
Weight(kg) 3500 3500 4000

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