Cartoning machine current problems

(1) The speed of the machine is limited by the speed of the instructions and the medicine board, and the design should be more reasonable;

(2) The Cartoning machine has poor stability after long-term high-speed operation, requiring stable operation, and more use of servo systems;
(3) After long-term operation, the accuracy cannot meet the requirements, the synchronization is not good, and the reliability is required to be improved;
(4) The adaptability to the product is low, its function is relatively simple, the adaptable surface is relatively narrow, and the shape and volume of the medicine to be loaded have stricter regulations;
(5) The operation reliability of the equipment is not high, and the demand for frequent maintenance affects the production progress;
(6) The production efficiency is not high, the running speed is slow, and the degree of automation is not high;
(7) The cartoning machine is very sensitive to the dimensional error of the instructions. For example, the dimensional error of the instructions should be less than ±0.5 mm. In daily production, the phenomenon of jamming due to the thin instructions will appear. Sometimes, because the size of the carton is slightly changed, the phenomenon that the carton is difficult to be opened or the card machine is difficult to be opened is formed.
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