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The overall solution of flat blister packaging machine
 Blister Packing Machine
1. Scope of application
1. Flat type blister packaging machine (cantilever type) is suitable for pharmaceutical aluminum-plastic, aluminum-aluminum packaging, such as blister-type sealed packaging for capsules and tablets of various specifications.
2. Suitable for blister sealed packaging of various injections, ampoules and medical appliances.
3. Blister-type sealed packaging for food, electronic devices, and small hardware products.

2. Technical characteristics
1. Main drive: The rear of the main motor is convenient for maintenance, and the synchronous belt drive replaces the chain drive to reduce oil pollution.
2. Guide rail device method: box guide rail cantilever device, if the medicine drops during the operation of the machine, the medicine will drop directly under the guide rail frame, which is convenient for sorting.
3. Mold frame device and conditioning: the lathe-type guide rail and the adjustment method of the rack and pinion are used, and there are positioners and scales to determine the adjustment position.
4. Molding equipment, heat sealing equipment, batch numbering equipment, and punching equipment all use the die-changing method of guiding and pushing the handle to lock, to ensure that the die-changing is convenient, and there is no need to use a wrench or the like when disassembling.
5. Choose PVC aluminum foil for air shaft expansion device, and choose PVC connection platform, which is more convenient for reeling.
6. PVC uses rubber rollers to track the feed to prevent it from being stretched during traction.

3. Operation Process of Flat-plate Active Blister Packaging Machine
1. Forming (up and down heating)
2. Heat sealing (_up heating)
3. Code
4. Indentation (can be heated slightly)
5. Cutter
6. Finished output

4. Operation Rules of Flat-plate Active Bubble Packing Machine
1. Purpose: to ensure that the operation of the flat blister packaging machine is standardized and standardized, to ensure the quality of the packaging, and to extend the service life of the machine.
2. Scope: Suitable for the operation of flat blister packaging machine.
3. Responsibility: The operator of the flat-type blister packaging machine is responsible for the implementation of this standard, and the equipment technician is responsible for supervision.