What are the two main types of rotary packing machine ?

Generally divided into 2 major categories. Fully automatic and semi-automatic
Fully automatic: automatic bag feeding, automatic measurement, automatic bag filling, automatic bag removal, automatic bag sewing (or sealing)
Semi-automatic: manual bag feeding, automatic measurement, automatic bag filling, manual bag removal, manual support of the bag mouth for sewing
According to different physical characteristics of materials, they are divided into three categories:
Gravity feed packaging machine: granular material with good fluidity and small water content.
Auger feed: generally used for powder packaging
Belt feeding: generally used for block or granular belt block, the scope of application is wider
If divided according to material, there are 3 categories: carbon steel packaging machine, stainless steel packaging machine in contact with materials, all stainless steel packaging machine

If divided according to packaging specifications: small package, conventional package, ton package

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