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Matters needing attention in cartoning machine manufacturing
(1) Improve the processing technology of the cartoning machine equipment, especially the processing accuracy, to ensure the stability of the mechanical components;
(2) The pneumatic components adopt advanced products, so that the product can guarantee the working accuracy within a certain period of time;
(3) In terms of automatic control, strengthen the development of monitoring functions to avoid production accidents caused by lack of medicine in the box, lack of instructions in the box, no batch number on the box surface, and damaged box;
Carton packaging machine
(4) The machine should stop and alarm during overload operation and safety shield operation.
(5) The product design is as humane as possible. The machine is for human use, so it is necessary to fully consider the needs of the operator when designing it. For example, the password of the touch screen should be simple and easy to understand, and the touch screen should be placed as far as possible where the operator can easily reach by hand, etc.;

(6) The cartoning machine configuration must be excellent. Because the high-speed cartoning machine runs fast, the machine configuration must be excellent, such as motors, PLCs, inverters, photoelectric switches, guide rails, etc., and high-quality products should be used as much as possible;

High-speed plate cartoning machine is mainly used for inline production
The intensity of manual feeding is so great that it is obviously no longer suitable. Connected production must deal with the problem of the interface with the upper computer and the lower computer. Especially for the processing of abnormal working conditions.