Composition of aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine & cartoning machine production line

The automatic blister packaging and cartoning production line for medicines is mainly composed of a blister packaging machine and a cartoning machine. Blister packaging machines can be divided into aluminum-plastic packaging machines and aluminum-aluminum packaging machines according to different packaging materials; according to different sealing methods, they can be divided into two types: roller plate sealing and flat plate sealing. Among them, the roller plate sealing box is a continuous sealing box, which is suitable for high-speed machines; the flat plate sealing box is an intermittent sealing box, which is suitable for non-high-speed machines.
The blister packaging machine is a built-in equipment, and according to GMP requirements, it must be placed in a clean area of Class D; the cartoning machine is an outsourced equipment and should be placed in a general control area, and there is no requirement for cleanliness.
The requirements of GMP (revised in 2010) for inner packaging equipment are:
(1) The production equipment shall not have any adverse effect on the quality of the medicine. The surface of production equipment in direct contact with drugs should be flat, smooth, easy to clean or disinfect, and corrosion-resistant, and must not chemically react with drugs, absorb drugs or release substances into drugs.
(2) Lubricants and coolants used in the equipment must not contaminate medicines or containers. Food grade or equivalent lubricants should be used as much as possible.
(3) The design, selection, installation, modification and maintenance of equipment must conform to the intended use, and the risks of contamination, cross-contamination, confusion and error shall be reduced as much as possible, and it shall be convenient for operation, cleaning, maintenance, and disinfection or destruction when necessary. bacteria. Inner package equipment and outsourced equipment are connected through conveyor belts or other methods, but the conveyor belt must not pass through areas with different cleanliness levels to prevent pollution to relatively clean areas.

The high-speed blister packaging and automatic cartoning linkage production line is suitable for high-speed aluminum-plastic packaging of medicines, especially capsules, tablets, and sugar-coated tablets. It automatically detects and rejects waste. Intelligent robots automatically queue up and transfer to the high-speed automatic cartoning machine bin for high-speed automatic loading. The box machine puts the medicine board and the instructions into the carton and seals the box to mark the batch number. The whole process is fully automatic packaging, which can achieve the purpose of reducing space and saving labor. The high automation and cleanliness are more in line with GMP requirements.
Technical features:
1. Use DPH-380D high-speed blister packaging machine to pack all kinds of regular drugs in high-speed aluminum-plastic, aluminum-aluminum packaging, including high-speed automatic feeding, and high-speed detection and rejection.
2. Based on consumable-saving medicine board product punching and servo synchronous conveyor belt medicine board queuing technology, 400 boards (plate 90*57) per minute are punched and transferred stably to the conveyor station of the cartoning machine by the tracking robot. It can ensure the stability of the medicine board conveying process without crashing, and save about 400,000 consumables per year.
3. Use DXH-400D automatic cartoning machine to achieve high speed matching.
4. High-end full-servo blister packaging machine and automatic cartoning machine can be selected, and the main motor is a servo motor, which is an economical solution that cooperates with the robot to achieve synchronous connection.

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