Solution to the unsynchronized color box pickup and release system of the cartoning machine and the color box conveyor chain

This article mainly introduces solutions for analyzing and sorting out the problem that the color box pickup and release system and the color box conveyor chain are not synchronized when customers use the cartoning machine to produce. Hope to help you. This article is reprinted on the Internet, follow the official website of Hualian ( to get more knowledge about cartoning machines.

Fault description of cartoning machine:
When the cartoning machine is in production, the sucker arm will obviously interfere with the fork of the color box conveyor chain after releasing the color box. After the color box was released, the suction nozzle was scratched by the fork of the running color box conveyor chain because the suction cup arm failed to rotate up in time. Although the equipment is running at low speed, there are still many color boxes that cannot be synchronously released into the color box conveyor chain, and the color boxes that are forced to run are scratched and damaged by the conveyor chain.

Failure analysis of cartoning machine:
The picture shows the color box pickup and release system. Check the mechanical transmission of the color box pick-up and release system. The power is transmitted to the suction cup arm reduction box above the machine through the main motor reducer to drive the double-sided synchronous toothed belt (behind the synchronous adjustment wall plate identified in the figure), and finally reaches the suction cup arm. The power of the sucker arm reducer is divided into two ways: there are 2 gears (rely on 3 M10 bolts) at the front and rear of the synchronous adjustment identified in Figure 1, and the rear gear is directly connected with the drive shaft to control the sucker arm to suck and release the color The transmission of the box part, at the same time, relies on the front gear connected with the M10 bolt to control the mechanical rotation of the sucker arm. Refer to the instructions and assembly drawings.
We initially determined the cause of the failure in two aspects:
One is that the timing belt from the main gearbox to the suction cup arm gearbox jumped teeth, causing the mechanism to be misaligned as a whole;
Second, the bolt connection of the two gears before and after the sucker arm drive is loose, causing the sucker arm to be misaligned when it rotates. Observe the operation of the equipment in this fault state (that is, when the suction cup arm interferes with the fork of the color box conveyor chain), the mechanism sucks and releases the color box at normal times. The preliminary judgment is that the second type of misalignment is more likely.

Troubleshooting of the cartoning machine
We refer to the manual, first loosen the double-sided synchronous toothed belt, adjust the suction cup arm several times, turn on the vacuum pump, and run the device in the debugging mode (the device can continuously suck color boxes in this mode), and the suction cup arm cannot suck color when it is rotating. Box (no negative pressure for the suction cup), and then restore the mechanism to its previous position. Then, loosen the 3 fastening bolts pointed by the arrow in Fig. 1. As the suction cup arm mechanism cannot be pulled manually, the control device has to be moved to make the two gears rotate asynchronously by friction, and use the difference in speed to restore synchronization Move the position while observing. When the suction cup arm is roughly synchronized with the color box conveyor chain, tighten the above 3 bolts, turn on the vacuum pump, and run the equipment in the debugging mode, such as the color box suction and release time is not synchronized with the color box chain , And repeat the above process. Finally, after many adjustments and testing, until the color box suction and release time is synchronized with the color box chain, troubleshooting.

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