The importance of carton extraction and carton opening device maintenance of cartoning machine

The carton extraction and box opening device of the cartoning machine is composed of a drum and a swinger, which rotates 360° in a clockwise direction during operation, as shown in the figure, and the arrow shows the box opening suction cup. It is mainly composed of a box opening suction cup, a box taking arm, a guide rail, a chain, a vacuum tube, a vacuum distributor, a vacuum pump, a gear, and a transmission mechanism. The main function is to extract the carton from the carton bin, and to extract the paper After the box is opened, it is transferred to the carton conveyor belt.
Common faults of the carton extraction and opening device include damage to the opening suction cup, damage to the drive gear of the carton removal arm, failure of the carton extraction, the carton to fall during the conveying process, and the carton to be transported improperly or off-track.
The carton extraction and carton opening device maintenance of the cartoning machine requires a certain amount of oil to meet its lubrication, so that a large amount of paper dust is attached to it. If the equipment is not maintained in time and the work is not thorough, it will form a blockage over time and bury hidden troubles.

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