Design and analysis of process flow of rotary packing machine

According to the design requirements of the rotary packing machine, product quality requirements and user requirements for the rotary packing machine, the bag-feeding packaging machine should achieve the following functions:
1. The structural dimensions of the bag picking manipulator and the machine clip can be changed according to the different size parameters of the prefabricated bag itself to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the prefabricated bag grabbing and the adaptability and reliability of the machine clamped bag.
2. During the operation of the turntable mechanism, the coordination and cooperation between the various agencies shall be ensured without interference and collision.
3. In the material filling process, the electronic metering device should be adapted to the metering and filling of different materials, and ensure that no material filling instructions are issued when there is no bag or the bag opening is incomplete, so as to avoid the waste of materials and pre-made bags.
4. When exhaust heat sealing, ensure the material density and exhaust effect, and ensure the heat sealing effect and shaping quality.
5. Under the premise of ensuring packaging quality, safety and production efficiency, the bag-feeding packaging machine should maximize the automation efficiency.

Process flow chart of automatic rotary packing machine production line

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