Blister packaging machine and its application in pharmaceutical production

Application of blister packaging machine
Blister packaging machine is a relatively new form of packaging promoted in China in recent years. It has a plastic bubble on one side and an aluminum box on the other side, which is also called bubble single packaging or type cover packaging. It is also called penetrating packaging because it puts force on the plastic blister when taking out the package to make the package pierce through the aluminum foil. Commonly known as blisters.
From the perspective of medical packaging, blister packaging is suitable for packaging medicines such as tablets, needles, capsules, and capsules. Each packaging unit can design the packaging volume according to the therapeutic dose, which can reduce the repetitive labor of distributing medicines in hospital pharmacies. It has the characteristics of convenient use, easy carrying and storage, and good airtightness. It is very popular among medical staff and users.

The process of blister packaging machine
The plastic layer of the blister packaging machine generally adopts a rigid polyvinyl chloride sheet (P VC) with a thickness between 0.2 and .0.25 mm. The thickness of aluminum foil is generally about 0.02mm. In order to make the plastic layer and the aluminum foil bond together well, a heat-sensitive adhesive and PVC are coated on the aluminum foil. Both PVC sheet and aluminum foil are made into "rolls" and placed on the machine.

Blister packaging machine packaging process
1. PVC
2. Heating electric furnace
3. Molding part
4. Fill the tank
5. Empty film detection
6. Aluminum foil
7. Aluminum-plastic heat sealing
8. Rolling and cutting line
9-, imprint the batch number
10. Finished product punching
11. Rewinding of remaining material

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