The overall design scheme of the medicine bottle cartoning machine

Recommended products for intermittent automatic cartoning machine

Hualian intermittent automatic cartoning machine is suitable for intermittent cartoning of medicine plates, hoses, ampoules and similar items. The maximum speed can reach 150 boxes/min. It has a wide range of box sizes and is convenient for variety adjustment. It can automatically complete manual folding, carton opening, block boxing, batch number printing, and sealing. It adopts high frequency speed regulation and PLC control with man-machine interface. The photoelectricity monitors the actions of various parts, and if there is an abnormality during operation, it can automatically stop and display the reason for timely troubleshooting. It can be used alone or connected with blister packaging machine and other equipment to form a production line. Production capacity: ≤150 boxes/min boxes/min

First, it is necessary to determine its function and scope of application during the overall design. The function of the cartoning machine mainly refers to the type of packaging process it completes. The scope of application is mainly the ability to package different items, including the type of packaged items and packaging materials. Under normal circumstances, reducing the function and application scope of the cartoning machine can simplify its structure and effectively reduce the cost of the machine, which is conducive to the improvement of production efficiency and is easier to achieve automation.
Second, process analysis. First of all, the type of machine needs to be determined. According to the design requirements, due to the large production batch and the work of the switch box, the multi-station type needs to be selected. The multi-station cartoning machine has two types: intermittent motion and continuous motion. Intermittent motion mainly refers to the transfer of items from one station to another for intermittent stepping motion.
The main packaging operation can be completed when the article is stationary, and this form can be used when there are many actuators. This article mainly analyzes the design of the intermittent medicine bottle automatic cartoning machine. Secondly, the packaging process line and number of stations need to be determined. After determining the packaging method, the sequence of each packaging operation needs to be completed. At this stage, it is necessary to use the 3D CAD design software Solid Works to conduct timely communication between the early designers and customers, and to provide intuitive and more convenient conditions for determining the packaging process route.
Third, the overall configuration design of the automatic cartoning machine. The overall configuration design of the automatic cartoning machine is basically determined by the packaging process plan. According to the principle diagram of the packaging processing technology, the automation plan of the cartoning machine is organically combined to carry out the overall configuration design. In addition, the component and structural design of the cartoning machine requires specific structural design, which needs to be considered from the packaging form, requirements, structural features of the packaged items, and processing technology principles, etc., especially the standardized components Applications.
Fourth, the machine's motion design and work cycle automation design. The motion design of the cartoning machine needs to determine the power requirements of the cartoning machine, select an appropriate motor, design and plan the transmission system, and determine the load on each mechanism and more important parts. In addition, in the design of the working cycle and automatic control of the intermittent automatic cartoning machine for medicine bottles, it is first necessary to determine the movement characteristics of the cartoning machine, the working cycle of the packaging, the automatic control method and the overall configuration plan of the machine. Secondly, make effective improvements and innovations based on the working principle and requirements of the cartoning machine.
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